Thursday, October 24, 2013

[sew] skirt - Burda 7342


Hi there.
Long time no sew.
Well, not really. More like, long time no hem.

This skirt, Burda 7342, has kinda been waiting on me to hem her. She's been hanging out so to speak. She's happy to be complete now though.

She likes to be dressed up. And down. Both are her style.

She likes a little movement, the kind that only a linen circle-ish skirt can provide. 


She's simple and classic from the outside. With pretty triple-topstitching in contrasting thread.

But on the inside? She has secrets.  Just like any other woman.

Like a Petersham ribbon hem. French seams. Bias-edged yoke facing. And mustard lining. Who likes matchy-matchy anyway when you can be surprising instead?

When you look within, you can see she really has a deep love of math. Though hidden.

Dear sewing friends, I have to tell you I love love love this skirt. It feels so great to wear, comfy and feminine. It goes with a whole bunch of stuff I already own. This, or any other neutral skirt in a pleasing style, is definitely a wardrobe-building piece. And I really love the weight that the Petersham ribbon gives to the hem - exactly what you want in a bias-cut skirt.  Gotta be Petersham though, grosgrain ribbon will not stretch the same way because it is constructed differently. 

As far as the pattern goes, it was not difficult and the fit was pretty spot-on. Make sure to cut, fit and sew your yoke before cutting out the rest of the skirt. If you have to adjust it for fit, that will also affect your lower skirt, and the yoke and lower skirt must match precisely. 

My only modifications to the pattern were to add a bias-edge to the yoke facing, and to change the flaps a bit. I reduced their size by about an inch all around,   AND changed the placement - I felt they were set too far apart.  See what's pleasing to your eye. But I do like the flaps, just a fun detail. They don't lead to any pockets by the way. Heh heh, another secret.

I am quite anxious to sew a traditional circle skirt now ... I've had some plaid fabric for about a year and making this has reminded me that I love skirts with swoosh.

Allllll-righty then. Onto other stuff. Like reading. Well, I do have a few books on the go, most from the library. They are all sewing books ... and include:

Sew Liberated by Meg McElwee

The Party Dress by Mary Adams. C'mon, it looked fun.

Pattern Fitting with Confidence by Nancy Zieman. She still rocks, I'm telling you. Tried and true.

The Essential A-line by Jona Giammalva. This book was a prize (yay!) from the Sew Mama Sew Super Online Sewing Match - the community match - for my Oliver and S Rollerskate Dress. Its a great book and full of inspiration on making a simple A-line your own. Jona is a neighbour and good friend of Heather Bailey.   

And I think that's a wrap. See, Tracy? Fitness hasn't cut into my sewing time all that much ... yet :)! Haha! And if there is a needle and thREAD post today, I'll be back a little later to link up. Till then, may all your sewing projects have secrets.

And here is the promised link. Go and check out Elizabeth's super-cute flannel Oliver+S picnic blouse for Sarah.


Edited again, this time to link up with #sewselfish over at Lauren's. Thanks, Lauren, for the invite! This is a really fun link-up so make sure to see what everyone else is sewing :).


  1. AGH ~ you're killing me! I love it!! LOVE it! (Not sure my hips could handle the flaps, though. yet ;-) I adore the back yoke - soo flattering.
    And your books ~ that looks like such a fun stack to read through. My library has such a crappy selection of sewing books :-(
    I'm so happy that fitness isn't getting in the way of your sewing!!

  2. I love this skirt. You did a fantastic job the inside is so creative and fun. I was looking for a pattern similar to this one with a separate yoke so I can incorporate my faux leather. thanks for this great review.

  3. Wow, what a beautiful skirt! It looks fabulous on you, well done!

  4. Opal, Carla - thank you!! And I think the faux leather would be really fun!

  5. That really is very cute. You are so stylish! I don't understand all the sewing lingo, but I know pretty when I see it. Lucy and I especially like the twirl factor.

  6. This looks fabulous on you, and I LOVE the lining! Won't you please add it to the linky party? :)

  7. This skirt pattern just went on my list! I love it- and I think you did a magnificent job on it. Love all the "hidden secrets!" The inside looks as great as the outside! ~Laurie


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