Thursday, November 21, 2013

What my kids are doing right now

Dawson has worked on this rink for many weeks now, building it, lining it, packing with the first snow, then slowly building up the layers and working through a few thaws.

 His hard work is finally paying off! What a beautiful freezing cold sunny day! The music is blaring outside and they are having a blast.

Good Canadian fun.


  1. Awesome! We have a stream that flows into a culvert which we block up to make a skating pond. Other than just our boys skating on it, we have an annual New Year's Day "Freeze Off" and invite bunches of people over to skate and have a hot dog roast. Good Canadian fun indeed! It's like a Tim Horton's ad ;)

  2. Awesome! We're hoping to have ours up and running in the next little while too!

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  4. What a great rink! It's really an art form, or at least seems to be from all the work Kev puts into it each winter. We'll have to throw our skates in next time we're out for a visit.

  5. My kids think this is GREAT!!! but it makes me cold just to look at it.....


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