Friday, February 20, 2015

Pixie Faire Moto Pant


There was a time when I thought sewing doll clothes was just too finicky and not really worth my time and effort. That's probably still true, but since my girlies have become really doll-crazy (better than boy-crazy), I have been dabbling in the miniature sewing world.

So these are just too cute. 

The Moto Pant is a pattern from Pixie Faire, a mega-collection of patterns for dolls that you can purchase for download, and several are free. 

The very best thing about the moto pant are the knee patches. Basically, you sew lines horizontally on a piece of fabric to embellish them, then cut out the patch from your newly-embellished fabric. I also decided to add two little flowers fussy-cut from my favourite Amy Butler fabric, and sewed them directly onto each patch. When I say fussy-cut, I mean that the flower shape is already part of the fabric and you just cut it out. These flowers were the perfect size for the patch. But you could also just cut your own flower shape from any fabric. So fun!

OK, so there are actually two best parts of these pants; the other being the welt pockets at the back. I have never made welt pockets on a garment before, my understanding is that its a fine art, but this dolly welt pocket? Easy-peasy. The instructions are really super clear and trust me, its not difficult to sew. What you really need is a good slashing knife when it comes to cutting the welt. For these pants, I used the same Amy Butler fabric to make a contrast welt. 

The back of the pants are actually two pieces that you sew together and topstitch. I used a triple-topstitch size 3 length and contrasting thread. The pattern also comes with a plain one-piece back pattern so you have some flexibility.  I really really love this pattern.

This is another version made from a lightweight twill. The fit for the American Girl doll is spot-on.

I can see using this pattern to make shorts as well, pretty darn sweet, my sewing partners in crime.

What about you, have you sewn doll clothes? What's currently on your cutting room floor?

Hope you have a great weekend!!


  1. Super cute! Waayy too fiddly for my tastes, though ;-) I did make the girls each a little diaper bag and doll diapers for Christmas ~ the diapers were pretty fun and oh so tiny. But diapers aren't fiddly :-)

    1. Oh! Dolly diapers have been on my list forever. I did make the dolly diaper bag from a "bitty baby diaper bag" tutorial online. What did you use?

    2. Oh Gosh, I can't even remember ~ I just googled til I found something that looked like it would fit their dolls - if you have a little pair of doll panties, though, you could easily make a pattern from it. For the diaper bag, I used another tute I found online - It really was way too big (could almost have been a real diaper bag for a nursing baby...) Of course the girls were happy anyways, but there was no squealing at the cuteness from me while I made it. I did add a full-length pocket to the second one, which made me like it a bit more ;-)

    3. My mom made doll panties from the top part of a white sock - and trimmed the leg openings with a little lace. They are soooo cute!!


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