Thursday, October 31, 2013

Playtime Dress with Oliver + S


Hi there.

It's playtime.

Which means, it's sewing time.

Which also means, my little almost-three-year-old got a new dress - the Playtime Dress (and tunic) by Oliver + S, in cozy dozy flannel. She loves it!!

A few details? Earlier this week I saw Janice's version on Instagram, its just lovely and got me going. Because the pattern looks like its a wider and shorter design, she cut hers a size smaller and added length. I followed suit - normally I would sew a size 3 but I cut a 2 instead, yet kept the size 3 length. The fit is spot on, but I feel a bit more room would allow for a little growth. Even so, you can see the sleeve does have a dropped look, its way off the shoulder line. 

I made the sleeves 3/4 length and added a flounce in red flannel. I added flat piping around the chest, and a contrast hem band on the bottom.  I admit I couldn't help but think this would also make into cozy pajamas. Ditch the flounce, make it floor-length, maybe a ruffle on the bottom ... I think it can work.

I used a pattern I already own for the flounce, which is essentially a circle skirt for the sleeve. As for the flat piping, I cut  1 3/4"  bias strips, sewn together to make a long strip, then folded in half wrong sides together, pressed and basted to the bodice, raw edges even, before attaching the skirt with 1/2" seam allowance as per pattern. 

For the contrast band at the bottom, I used the difference between the pattern's tunic cutting line and dress cutting line as a guide. I cut two pieces of contrast flannel the exact width of the skirt pattern piece but double the length (because you will fold it in half and not actually "hem" anything), PLUS 1" seam allowance.   I joined these two panels at the side seams to make a tube, then folded in half wrong sides together, raw edges even. Once the skirt was attached to the bodice, I attached the band to the skirt bottom in one fell swoop, right sides together and matching side seams, using 1/2" seam allowance. I topstitched about an inch from the bottom of the band to give the hem a little weight and structure.

If desired, the pattern gives instructions to topstitch a faux collar which extends down the back. I used a triple-topstitch in red, but basted the outline first to make sure I liked it. Its not QUITE as precise as I'd like but, oh well :). 

And finally, I didn't bother with pockets, though I will definitely add them for my bigger girlies who will totally appreciate this detail. But I figured Katie won't know the difference.

This is a popular pattern right now in blogland especially because its a new release, so you will find a LOT of inspiration online! It was very sweet and quick to sew together with lovely details. My next one will be a tunic for sure. 

Oh, one more thing, if by chance you are sewing a size 2, make SURE to check your back facing pattern piece. There was a size error in the first printing of the paper pattern (so if you were eager and ordered the pattern as soon as it was released, you may have received the incorrect piece) which has since been fixed. You can print the correct piece under errata for this pattern, on the Oliver+S website. 

I think I'm ready to tackle the other new Oliver+S release, the Library Dress. That is, unless I get side-tracked with making Christmas gifts - mugrugs, aprons, curvy-clutches and other lovelies ... not too long till Christmas you know ... time to prepare :).

OK onto reading. 
Nothing to report. Must make more effort next week.  

Alrighty then.
I'll be back later to link up with Elizabeth when she posts her needle and thREAD.

Until then, its playtime my dear sewing friends!

And here is the link to Elizabeth's needle and thREAD! Enjoy!


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  2. sigh. I have GOT to get back to back to sewing!!
    As usual, you did a fabulous job on this! Love the sleeve flounce and the piping & the faux collar is just too cute :-)

    1. Thanks Tracy! Hmm, is fitness cutting into your sewing time ? hee hee!

    2. you know that's right! ;-)

  3. That is such a sweet dress!!!!


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