Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Birthday Love Note


So, how do you like your life?

This was the very first question Father Joseph asked my husband when he showed up for RCIA after deciding to maybe pursue becoming Catholic. 

And I think his reply was somewhere along the lines of:
I think there is more.

I think there is more. 

And hey, guess what, there really was! More kids, NFP, homeschooling, a richer and more fulfilling marriage, more focus on priorities, a more abundant life and definitely, more sense of community, and without a doubt, more of Christ living in us all.

It is sooooo awesome!

But not without struggle and challenges of course, cause you know, a call to follow Christ is really a call to die. I think Ann Voskamp said that somewhere along the line. My friends and I jest about it. But its true, you have to die to all the things you thought would be "your life" and let Jesus take the wheel, right.

So, I gave up the glamorous career track for this.

God is so good people.

Dear Alexa,
Happy Birthday sweetie. You are seven. You are a great reminder of God's goodness and faithfulness. Wanna know why?

I prayed for you - that is I prayed to have a baby - secretly - for a long time before you actually came to be. I prayed the Scriptures (there are several scattered throughout) that said Nothing is impossible for God. And so I did become pregnant and lost our baby - our little Luke - but you were in the works a mere month later. Found out I was pregnant with you on my birthday. My actual birthday - what an incredible gift and huge surprise from God that was!! You know, our God is a loving Father and He's only going to do what is absolutely and unequivocally best for us. Even if it hurts us a little or a lot. He knows. And you can't outdo His goodness.

I prayed for your dad - to become Catholic - well, that's what I was, so I wasn't going to pray for him to become Mormon or something else, right? But my prayer essentially was for your dad to come to know God. To know Christ. And for us to be in that faith together. Because before that, he had nothing. zip. nada. No particular belief or faith in any higher power. And wow, if the old Tom could see the new Tom, well, wow. And if the parents we were then could see the parents we are now. 

The same year, just before your birth, I prayed for a whole lotta guidance! Homeschooling had been whispered in my ear by the Holy Spirit and the next thing I knew I was planning curriculum!

So yeah, you are a great and special reminder of how God works in this little life of mine. Of ours. Happy Birthday sweet girl. Love you much.



  1. God IS Good Michelle!!! Your post made me cry a little (I have to admit). Between your post and my book I'm reading, The Catholics Next Door, t's a wake up call! God is Soooo Good! We are all so blessed! Thank you!!!

    1. Aww! But somehow I doubt you need any sort of wake-up call, you and your family are a Holy family for sure.

      I absolutely LOVE the Catholics Next Door. I wish they still had their radio show.


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