Thursday, May 30, 2013

Zip Pocket Pouch - a fun project


Mission: a friend who doesn't carry a purse but would like something for her phone, keys and maybe a 5-dollar bill. 

Inspiration: this etsy shop

Solution: Michelle Pattern's (nope it's not me but I wish it were!) Zip Pocket Pouch pdf in size medium.

Conclusion: Clear directions, not too finicky to sew and can definitely have fun with fabric choices. Used a mag snap instead of velcro. Added wristlet strap (see how here). Inner pocket perfect fit for phone (snug for Otterbox, but doable).  Zip pocket great for change/bank cards. 

No room for keys UNLESS you hook them onto the elephant clasp on the wristlet. Would you want your keys to be jingling here? Hmmm. Could detract from the cuteness factor.

Mission potentially requires alterations. Will have to reconsult with friend. Friend, what say you?

On the bookshelf this week.
A ton of library books I'm previewing as I plan out a high school biology course for next year. Living books! Fun books! Books to bring biology alive (that seems appropriate for biology, don't you think?)! Still plowing through Cockpit Confidential but a friend has enticed me into reading a Jodi Picoult book - have never read her before - should I give it a try? What do you think?

Will pop by a little later to link with Elizabeth if there is a needle and thREAD post today. Edited to add: And there is! Please stop by her needle and thREAD post today and have a peek. We are praying for Anna Marie Horner with every stitch. See her blog for details.

Chowdy doody everyone. Have a great weekend. 


  1. Oh that is so cute. I am a no purse kind of gal. I don't know why, I just am. This is something that I definitely would carry. Great Job!!!

  2. Thanks Tina Marie! I know what you mean, I prefer something that is either small, like a wristlet or clutch, or big like a tote bag. I do love my tote bags!

  3. Fabrics after my own heart! And the green zipper -- yes.

    p.s. I tried to read that Jodi Picoult book once and quit a few chapters in. I totally cannot handle stories about sick kids now that I have children of my own!


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