Thursday, April 11, 2013

Planning Your Next Homeschooling Year?

So, with Easter now behind me, I find myself thinking about the upcoming school year. Isn't it juicy to just think, plan, and think some more? Its what I love about homeschooling.  Having been at this a  little while now, you'd think I'd automatically know all I want to do and learn and see with the kids. But I don't, and you know what? It doesn't really matter.  Because ... well, you want to know the best-kept secret that even most homeschoolers don't realize?

It's not about the content.

I'll repeat that again so you can let it sink in.

It's not about the content.

It's about the process. Teaching your kids learning strategies. Helping them develop talents and skills. Exposing them to a variety of all the wonderful things God puts in front of you every day that is free for the looking. Inspiring them to enjoy the act of learning itself by being a good example of just that. No, not just enjoy. LOVE the learning. It is entirely possible and we shouldn't settle for anything less!

Because the content? It will always be there to look up. You simply can't remember everything, and our kids aren't buckets to fill up with a bunch of facts. Content is just the tool we use to accomplish the broader goal of forming persons.

This is why curriculum will never satisfy. Ever.

And all the stuff in the rest of our lives? Stuff we accumulate and desire and things we buy that we think will make us happy? They will never satisfy either. Y'all know what's coming next, don't you. It's the Faith thing. Only through faith in Jesus can we ever hope to have a taste of peace and joy even amidst the clutter and challenges of life.

Two books to recommend.  First, Organized Simplicity.  This isn't your everyday organizing book. It is more about having a good hard look at your life and climbing out from under the burden of all the clutter.  Second, For the Love of Learning by Amy Edwards, a Leadership Education expert I'd say. She explains so well how content is really only the vehicle and not the end in itself. I have Amy's Webinars and I've been listening ...

I have less than a week left here in Arizona. Its gone by sooo fast and while I'm not anxious to get back home, I am anxious to dive into some new routines and rhythms in our family and homeschooling life. Spring is good for that, isn't it?

How about you, are you starting to plan your next school year? Or are you in the midst of decluttering your life? Let's Discuss!

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