Monday, April 15, 2013[sew].


We are still under the guise of Arizona living, for a few more days yet. Vacation-ish but with a smidge of school thrown in. Only a smidge. And into our 4th week, I whole-heartedly believe that my young adults are like different people when they have daily purpose beyond eating Yogurtini. Even though Yogurtini totally rocks. The days they put in a good day of learning are the best days. I need to rethink this for next year. How long to stay here? Bring more schoolwork for the bigs? Its harder when the space is not your own space. Buy a house in Phoenix?

Still basking in the glory of Easter. That means no fasting and lots of feasting.

I will be returning to Canada with lots of books (what a surprise)! And the biggest most exciting thing on the homeschooling front is that on our way back to Canada I will be attending Oliver DeMille's seminar where he will ... wait for it ... reveal the ninth key to great teaching. Egads!


Grabbed some little treasures at the fabric store on Friday. The top two and the bottom two go together and I have a few ideas for them. I love the gray with green dots. I'm planning to participate in Kids Clothes Week in late April. THAT will require a little planning in itself. But, why not? Kids Clothes Week is a blogger-driven challenge to sew one hour daily for a week, and I think it will be a blast. I've already been busy sketching some plans. What does a child actually need for a seasonal wardrobe? I've been pondering this lately because we have too much, and with three little girls in one room you need a system. However, armed with a plan, one could keep things under control, you think? Somewhat? 

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