Thursday, October 09, 2014[sew].


So, I've had a nice break from blogging, since January in fact. In the past few months several friends and family have asked about it, and my short answer is that January is generally a dismal month and I needed to focus on homeschooling and just get through. Then, I began to question the value of a blog in my life. It does become its own living and breathing entity, in a way, and one more thing to keep on top of. Yet, it is rewarding to keep an online journal, to look back and remember and reflect. 

Mom says she and Dad look forward to my posts because she loves to see pictures of the kids and also enjoys the sewing posts. When you live far away, its nice to feel a part of the life of your grandchildren; a blog is a medium to connect. I began blogging as a way to document our journey for my own family, while being an encouragement in the areas of homeschooling, living your faith, and pursuing your hobbies.  I really, really want it to be that. 

So I begin again. Though likely not as frequent posting as before. Come along anyway?


We've been watching several DVDs of the lives of different saints.  This was our latest and can be found here.   It's a little bit scary and not for the younger viewing audience; there are portrayals of St.Pio being tempted by the devil and its intense. But some interesting facts about St. Pio? He could tell you your sins before you even confessed them. He spent 18 hours a day in the confessional and had throngs of people lining up waiting to see him. He was tireless. He founded a hospital for the relief of the suffering, which stands today and remains an important centre for medical research and patient care.  Most notably though, are the miracles, which I leave for you to discover yourself. The movie is worth a watch.


We are having a super-great year! Our year is loosely planned and I hope to share some of the highlights with you. I say loosely since  I've found that, for me, an extremely detailed and highly structured plan is not worth all the effort it takes. I've given away entire summers of my life making detailed plans, in 15-minute increments, with specific pages of specific books to read for each specific subject and you get the idea.  Highly highly structured and the content completely planned by moi. But we always diverge from the plan (shocking!). Something better and more interesting always springs up for us, or on the contrary one of my kids end up hating a particular aspect of the plan. Instead, I love the freedom to run, to follow tangents of interest, to see an opportunity to inspire my child and let a talent or gift reveal itself.  

So these days, I loosely plan the bones and overall structure of our year, but not the minutia.  I plan reading lists and resources; I have a general idea of the topics I want us to explore either as a family or for a particular child, and gather materials to have on hand.  I also take a good hard look at what our fall rhythm is going to look like and see which pockets of time will work best for family learning time and individual studies.

Then I sit back and say to my husband, "How the heck am I going to fit it all in??" Its a question I often ponder over a good glass of red. Or white. Or rose. But usually red.

I do find it all a push and pull. I'm in the headspace of high school and preschool and elementary school all at the same time.  Its challenging and I know you homeschoolers relate! For us, the key is to keep in mind the big picture: its not about the content or curriculum, not really. Its not about filling a bucket (my child) with facts and minutia. That is not why we homeschool. Rather, its about filling a heart with ideas, dreams, inspiration, love and compassion. Its about filling a child with the confidence to accomplish whatever goals are set out, and the skills necessary to push ahead. Its about the journey and relationships, fostering true love of learning, living our faith, character development, and exposure to great literature and great ideas no matter how young or how old. Yeah, that.


Friends. I've got big plans that will probably never get done but oh how I love having those plans. Over the past few months I've dabbled in sewing bags and zip-pouches and wristlets, a few things for the girls,  and a couple of skirts for me. I'm hoping to share with you a really interesting wrap skirt from one of the Japanese patterns books - the books which I have a love-hate relationship with but continue to pour over just the same. So look for that.

The other exciting news is that my friend and I are going to have a little Christmas sale of our sewing treasures. Kind of like an open house. We both absolutely love to sew and are having fun making and creating. Sure, we are busy mommas and people ask us where we find the time but quite frankly, a person makes time for what is important to them. This is important to us. It is helping us to push our sewing skills, set goals and see them through. And on that note, we are heading out of town soon for a long weekend on a sewing retreat! The word excitement doesn't quite cut it. Ha!

Jane Market Bag - shabby style

Christmas Table Runner - quilted and ready to bind

Michelle Patterns Grocery Bag - love these!! Fast and easy sew!!

Oliver and S Class Picnic blouse- she loves the owls!

   Well dear homeschoolers and sewing partners-in-crime, that's a wrap for today! Thanks for stopping by and I sure hope to be back soon.



  1. I'm so glad you are coming back to this space! I've missed you.

  2. Loved reading your post and glad to see you back. I too always have big sewing plans. Either I end up doing it piecemeal or I stay up too late after the children have gone to bed sewing and losing track of the time!

    Yes yes yes to everything you said about planning curriculum! I needed to hear that. We are giving a far more valuable gift than just lots of facts, filling the bucket like you said. I must remember that. I'm only doing preschool and 1st grade but we are absolutely loving school.

  3. Even though I never tired of seeing the giant hexie quilt, you have no idea how happy I was to see a new post on your blog! Welcome back!

    1. Haha Jennifer you totally made my day :)!!


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