Tuesday, April 09, 2013

live. faith. homeschool. [sew].

With the help of my super-talented bloggerista daughter, Brittany, my blog has taken on a new look and I promise will continue to evolve as I create a space I love. It's funny, the way your personal cyberspot looks and feels definitely impacts how much fun blogging can be. Kind of like we want our homes to be - a reflection of us and our style.

Experts suggest that your blog should have a running theme or niche. Sometimes its hobby-focused, sometimes its just journaling snippets of life, and other times you are an expert in a field and your entire blog is focused on that. But the problem with me (well, there are many problems with me), the problem is that I have a few competing interests going on and I don't want to have a separate blog for each - such as homeschooling and sewing.  Must they compete? Can't compartmentalize my life. Mostly though, its important to blog what you know and blog what you love. Otherwise, blogging is no fun and the posts don't come naturally. There are only a few things I know and love but they are very different from each other ... 

And ultimately, I need God's blessing. Faith has to be an overriding theme somehow. I don't think I have to mention Our Lord in every post, but I do intend that He reads this blog (well, KNOWS it from the beginning of course), and I do not want to dishonour Him. I really enjoy sharing how our family lives our relationship with Christ, not just for our own kids to look back upon as they grow up, but maybe somehow I can be a good witness as well. Does that make sense?

So. Or shall I say [sew]? I am going to incorporate different themes in this blog. Life. Faith. Homeschooling. And probably a whole lotta sewing. 

But I think its going to work just fine. What do you think?


  1. Very pretty! Technology is so much easier with teenagers around, isn't it? We miss you, and are glad to see you are having a wonderful time!

  2. Thanks C! Hey we miss you guys too!! But, all that snow better be melted by next Thursday. At least, that is my hope ...

  3. Love the new look. Fun and flirty. Did you actually change the name too? It sounds different but I can't remember exactly.

    1. Thanks Dana! My url has always been livefaithhomeschool but my blog banner/title was In Pursuit of Sanctity and a Little Bit of Sanity. Which was way too long, in retrospect. So, while I never changed my blog url or location, I decided to use the words in my url as my blog title. And added [sew], to better reflect the content. It will be a work in progress!


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