Monday, April 08, 2013

Holy Week & Easter Recap - 2013

Da Vinci's Last Supper Craft, courtesy of Catholic Icing.  A perfect craft for Holy Week. We are dabbling in Da Vinci right now, as we are headed to the Da Vinci exhibit at the Arizona Science Center later this week. Perfect timing!

After we enjoyed a Holy Thursday meal, our family read the Gospel account of the Last Supper, and then did our own ceremonious footwashing.  

 Beginning with the oldest (Tom) washing the feet of the next oldest (me), we dribbled a little water on our feet and dried them.

The littlest ones especially loved this. I think its a new tradition for our family. 

 Good Friday morning. Making pretzels and the whole family joins in.

The were soooooo yummy. Was hard to quit with one. But, as we were fasting, this was our lunch. It was also nice to keep ourselves busy on such a solemn day. We followed this by doing family Stations of the Cross, then went to the 3pm Good Friday service. It was 3 hours long. The entire Gospel of the Lord's Passion was sung in chant by the professional choir. Lovely, but very very long. 

Beautiful Easter! Dawson and I attended the vigil on Saturday night. I left the house with instructions for Tom and the girls to put Resurrection cookies (Easter Story cookies) in the oven for overnight. They were going to form lovely, hollow meringue cookies, according to the DIRECTIONS WITH PICTURES FOR EACH STEP on Lacy's blog.

Instead, I came home to this:
No matter. We'll try again next year. 

 Lots of family in AZ this year. Some of us hanging out in the shade on a hot Easter Sunday, just enjoying a good visit.

And the days following Easter? Just lots of relaxing in the sun.

Day and night.

Catch up with you all later!

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