Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Sweet strippy skirt tutorial

This is an easy patchwork style skirt I made for my 3yr old. I hope you enjoy making it!

In addition to basic sewing supplies, you will need:
Rotary cutter and mat
1" wide elastic
Ribbon trim for hem, if desired.
Assorted fabrics.

The desired skirt length is divided into 3 sections:
- a dropped waist of 4"
- a bottom ruffle of 3"
- a strippy section - the amount leftover

1. Dropped waistband

Cut a rectangle 6" x hip measurement plus 5".  To set in elastic, fold over top edge 1/4" and press.

Cut a piece of 1" wide elastic by the waist measurement minus 1/2" to make it snug.  At machine, open out the pressed edge and place the elastic along the pressed edge.

Stretching the elastic with your right hand to fit the length of the waistband, sew in a zigzag.  Use your left hand to gently pull the fabric/elastic at the back as you sew.  Just stretch and sew a little, then stretch and sew some more.

It should look like this:

Fold the pressed edge back over the elastic, then fold the elastic over again. Sew down in a zigzag, using the exsisting zigzag as a guide.

Sew right sides together and set aside.

I like this method of inserting elastic compared to sewing a casing and using a safety pin.  This way, your elastic never gets twisted.  More advanced sewists will want to sew the right sides of the waistband together first, then apply the elastic for a smoother join of the elastic, but it doesn't really matter.

1. Strippy section

Using a rotary cutter and mat, cut fabric strips of varying width (1.5 - 5").  Sew together to make a rectangle of fabric 2x the hip measurement.   Press well.  Trim to desired length of strippy section (see above) plus 1" for seam allowance.

To prepare for gathering, sew a basting stitch 3/8" along top edge

Sew right sides together to form a tube.

3. Apply strippy section to waistband.

Pull up the gathers on the strippy section.

With right sides together, pin lower edge of waistband to gathered edge of strippy section.  Pull up gathers to fit evenly all around.  Sew.  Finish the seam allowance by serging or zigzagging.  Press.

A better view of the waistband, pinned with its right side facing the right side of strippy section.

Turn right side out, it should look like this. Give it a good press.

4. Bottom ruffle and ribbon hem.

Cut a rectangle 4" by the length of the bottom edge of the strippy section plus 6-8", to give a slight ruffle.

To prepare the ribbon hem, fold over bottom edge 1/4" and then 1/4" again. Press.

Fold over once.

Then twice.

Cut a length of ribbon to go around bottom edge. Place on right side along bottom edge and sew close to bottom edge. I like to used the blindhem foot because you can line up to get a nice edge.  Then sew along top edge of ribbon so ribbon is completely secured to bottom edge. Press on the wrong side - (unless you test a piece of scrap ribbon first to see how it reacts to the heat and steam).

Sew short edges right sides together. Baste along upper edge of ruffle and pull up to form slight gathers.

With right sides together, pin to lower edge of skirt.

Stitch. Finish seam allowance by serging or zigzagging.  Press.

Voila! You are done! I hope you enjoy your skirt!  Drop me a line with any feedback and pictures, I'd love to hear from you!

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