Thursday, June 07, 2012

Sweet strippy dropped-waist skirt

Welcome to this week's edition of Needle and thREAD, a linky party hosted by Elizabeth at In the Heart of my Home.

This week's sewing adventure was a bit of an experiment!  All over the internet, I see pretty patchwork-type skirts for little girls, using strips of fabric.  This is my version - done completely using rectangle fabric strips - no pattern required.  You can find my tutorial for it here.

I started with a dropped waist. 

And ended with a ribbon trim.

Maria loves it! 

This week I had plans to dive into a Grace Livingston Hill novel on the kindle ... but it just didn't happen.  Instead, I noticed that a book I've been wanting to read with an eye for my eldest, but couldn't previously locate is now available on kindle. Yippee!

This story, Three Against Hitler, is a biographically tells the story of Rudi Wobbe, a young teen during WWII, who, together with two friends, distribute pamphlets that counteract the Nazi propaganda ... they get caught and charged with High Treason.  This is an inspiring story of courage and standing up for your religious beliefs; it also provides insight into life as a German teen during Hitler's rule.  I think its important to read stories such as these - they bring us face to face with a dark past in order that we may learn.  Twas interesting to read how the freedom of the German people was so insidiously taken away from them as the Nazi's gained more and more control; and the powerful role of propaganda.  It is making me wonder if we would recognize this happening to us in our present day ... the slow eroding of our freedoms ... the slow indoctrination of certain agendas.  Scary.  

Brittany is going to love this book - totally appropriate for her age and maturity - she loves all such stories of WWII.  

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  1. Beautiful skirt!!!! I like it a lot! My "needle and thREAD" project is here:


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