Wednesday, February 15, 2012

All you need is love ...

Hope you had a wonderful feast of St. Valentine yesterday!

Our family tradition involves flowers, chocolate or candies, and gifts.  The guys in the family give the girls flowers.  Tom is hoping that by showing the kids how a man should treat a woman, especially in the little things, it will help the girls choose a good husband and show our son how to be a good husband.  Anyway,  I get lillies, Brittany gets roses, and the little girls are supposed to get mini-carnations.  However, since Tom was away on business, he bought the flowers on Saturday, with little girls in tow.

He came back with:

Lillies for me ...

Roses for Britt ...

And for the little girls ...

... well, the little girls suckered him into getting them gifts from the Disney store.  What a softie daddy :)

The aprons I was working on did get finished, and they love them.  Wore them right till bedtime.

Tested them out making cookies with Auntie.

And we all enjoyed and completely devoured the famous pretzel dots.  These are the best.

Enjoy the treats now.  Cause you know what's coming next week.

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