Monday, January 30, 2012

On the sanity shelf

A friend asked me what projects I have on the go, so I thought I'd share :)

Mostly I've been swamped with helping sew costumes for the play my kids are in.  And received a new batch of stuff to work on tonight.

All that sewing means my machine is perpetually set up and ready, and this weekend I was puttering with a few projects of my own :)

First, I'm working on a couple of aprons for my little girls, for Valentine's Day.  I'm going to pair them with some felt cookies and a mini-baking pan.  I'm using this McCalls pattern and it promises to be very cute!!

Here is one I made for my neice's daughter for Xmas (my daughter trying it on):

Miss A was sad to have to give it away, but she will be surprised on Valentine's Day!  I'm making the ruffled version for both her and Miss M.

Here's the work in progress: (Sorry, can't get the picture to rotate for some reason tonight! Dana?????)

Second, I've been wanting to sew up this Barcelona Skirt by Amy Butler - my very favorite fabric designer :)

And today I did just that!  It turned out SO. CUTE.  If I do say so myself.  Lovely fit, lovely pattern, and Amy Butler fabric.  Can you tell I've used two different fabrics from the same collection?  The panels are layered over each other, and once you wash it, it will get that frayed-edge look.  Its bright and pretty and will be perfect for the hot place I'm going to in March :).  I made my skirt a bit shorter than the pattern.

I picture this with a cute tank top in the same rust color as I'm wearing.

Equally sweet with a white twin-set or T-shirt.
Maybe some little skirts to match for the girls??

So there.  That's what's on the sanity shelf!  Hope you enjoyed! 


  1. Love it! The aprons are absolutely adorable. You mentioned you order your fabric online? Can you share where! I was just checking out sewsensibly - awww, I wish I had more time... See you tomorrow!

    1. Hello Weimers, all the fabric shown in the post was purchased locally at My Sewing Room. I have been intrigued and impressed with the collection at, as well as but I have not yet ordered from them. Hope to soon though!

  2. Your girly girlishness inspires me. No wonder my Lu loves hanging out with the D girls!

    1. And your Star Wars savvy inspires me! My son thinks you rock!

  3. Kylee absolutely loves hers! She had it on at lunch a couple days ago and wore it all day!

    1. I'm so glad! They are lots of fun to make, especially when you know the girls like them so much :)


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