Thursday, October 27, 2011

We Welcome All Ages in our Homeschool!

Boy, if only our family were still a family with just our two older kids (Group A) and I was homeschooling them, what a great academic education they would get!  I imagine oodles of time spent with them learning and immersing ourselves in the best that homeschooling has to offer.  At the age they are now it would be so much fun!  We would ponder over the classics in depth, we would diligently recite our latin and french chants every morning.  We would dig into history and discuss and write endless papers and then discuss some more.  We would visit museums and linger over each exhibit, with no baby in tow and no preschooler tugging on our pants and no five-year old whining for something to drink (Group B).  And oh, there would be time in the day to pursue my own interests - sewing, knitting, scrapbooking, reading, studying ... Supper would easily be on the table every evening and the house would be spotless. Right?

Well, I have been thinking about this lately and here's what I've come up with.  I think having a baby and a toddler and a kindergartener in the house alongside my teen and tween is the absolute best thing in the world!  Life would be completely too serious if I didn't have those three little girls to keep me hopping.  What a blessing to be starting to homeschool A (5), with the other two not far behind.  It brings back memories of all the fun things we did when I first started homeschooling my older ones.  It's like having a second crack at it!  And frankly, if I only had Group A, we'd probably all sleep till 10 or 11am, and our homeschool might not get rolling until after lunch.  So much for a good education!

Furthermore, there is something profound I witness when I see my older ones interacting with and caring for my little girls.  Their faces light up, all of them. Who doesn't want to cuddle a baby?  What teenagers would refuse the unconditional love that babies and little ones bring to their world?  I can't help but think that my older kids, in all likelihood, will become parents one day. And this is truly the best training ground I can give them for the most important job in the world.  A solid foundation in Parenthood and Family Life 101.


So yeah, our homeschool days can get crazy.  I might spend an hour on math with B (14) and that might be it for one-on-one time for several days.  Or, we might all get to spend a good stretch talking and discussing if Group B gets busy with something.  It doesn't matter, I know they are all learning and thriving in so many ways.  We are so blessed.

We welcome all ages in our homeschool.

May God give you peace and contentment with whatever your situation is right now.  No if onlys.

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