Sunday, October 30, 2011

Stripey Sweater Sanity Time!

I finally finished Miss A's sweater and its so cute!  Feels so good to accomplish this! Just goes to show that a little bit here and a little bit there can really add up!

Funny thing though.  It calls for just one button at the top, the rest hangs loose.  I get to the end of the pattern and it says to sew the button on. OK, can do.

But there's no buttonhole.  Huh?  Where's the buttonhole?  How did I miss that?  But I have scoured this pattern and I can't find any instructions for the buttonhole.  It should have been incorporated somewhere in the neck ribbing.  Nope. Nadda. 

Oh well, I'll fudge something!  I want to make some of the other patterns in this book - they are fairly straightforward and very sweet.  Perfect for a beginner, take a look here and see what you think.  I've already started the Easy Pretty Beret for baby K.  We'll see how that goes. 

What are you doing for your sanity time?  We all need some!

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