Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Shopgirl Apron and Zakka Organizer

[sew a gift].

Had some fun making the Shopgirl Apron, well, just making aprons in general. Though they can be a bit time-consuming if you like to customize. In this case, I changed up the pockets from two side pockets to one centre front, added a ruffle, and quilted it with a cross-hatch pattern. I really like to quilt the apron if its reversible because I'm afraid once you wash it things will separate and get all wrinkly. The quilting helps stabilize and give it structure. And make it pretty. Even though you can't really see it here. Trust me though, the quilting is very pretty.  And, I didn't even model it because then I would get attached to it and this one is not for me. 

Another not-for-me project, the Zakka zip organizer from the book Zakka StyleIt ended up being a disappointment. It looks soooo cute. However, the zipper is not very functional; its a bit stiff but I could have lived with that. The problem is that it seems so tight at the open end when you try to close it. VERY cumbersome. I must have installed it too tightly. But, alas, my friend Anne is willing to bear the burden of the zipper in the name of lovely fabric and cuteness. Works for me! 

I have been in the cue at the public library for this book since summer. I mean, its that popular. Anything Zakka is hugely popular it seems, but, I did not love this pattern and instructions. I love the idea of the zipper organizer though, and I think next time (if there is a next time), I'll add a gusset, yes? And bookmark Krista's tips because she has made several.

on the handy dandy kindle
So I'm slowly working my way through Breath of Peace which Elizabeth recommended a few weeks ago. I'm finding it a bit painful to read because the newlyweds are bickering all. the. time.  So far. I think it was described as "affectionate discontent". I have witnessed such. Its not pleasant and it definitely makes me treasure my own marriage relationship because I think the ping-pong-bickering can creep in if we're not careful. 

and not on the kindle
My sweet friend (shall we call her Ms. Smith?) dropped this by today, wrapped in Advent lavender and accompanied by a Tim's French Vanilla cappuccino ... just because. 

Its a good time of year to let your friends know they matter. 

I'll be back later to link up with Elizabeth for needle and thREAD, so until then, xoxo.

And here's that link to Elizabeth's needle and thREAD.


  1. awww ~ that was so sweet of your friend!! Bummer you aren't pleased with the organizer - but it IS cute!! And of course the apron is darling :-)
    I'm waiting to see you little dolls (hint hint ;-) I've got some felt winging its way to me to make some for my girls. I think I'm only going to make them one dress each, and give them some fabric in their stockings so they can make some dresses, too. And maybe - if I can stand it - we can make a carry case/house together, too. Grand aspirations, I know..... Now, to get my sewing mojo back....

    1. The dolls are slow-going but I like your idea of giving them some fabric. I know my little girls can cut felt fairly easily so that might work. Maybe add some ribbon and lace. And yes, the house is so adorable ... but I'm a bit distracted by a hexie quilt at the moment and you know I'm not the best quilter here but I'm determined ...

    2. oooh ~ hexies!! EPP or machine? Fun!! We have nasty weather today and I am so wishing I had some handwork!! I think I'm going to get (yet another...) lady skater cut out here in a bit. After I exercise... sigh.

    3. I'm doing giant hexies so I'm going with machine. BUT I want to get some small EPPs going as well to take with me on holidays. Got your FB request so we're good there. Though I'm not that active on FB ...


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