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New York in 5 Days with Teens - Part 5

New York with Teens Day 4

Empire State Building. Mass at the Shrine of Holy Innocents. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. Dinner.

Hello! Welcome back to our travel journal! Today was our last full day in NYC, and we made the most of it!

Our first stop was the Empire State Building,
and we wanted to get there nice and early before any crowds or line-ups. We took the 6 Train to 33rd Station and were pretty much up at the top in no time. It was a misty, drizzly kind of day ... and we were told that visibility at the top was zero. Oh well, we were there and we wanted to say we got to the top anyway. It was part of our New York Pass anyway, along with the gimmicky "Sky-Ride," located in the building as well. The great news? No line-ups. There seem to be rooms upon rooms of line-queues which were all empty. They say its best to get there before 11am or to visit at night. So, we were glad to get there super-early, before 9am.

A very cool view of the Chrysler Building!

So you see? It wasn't zero visibility after all! It was WINDY though, and a gray day, but we did get a view. However, in retrospect, we should have thought ahead and done Empire on a good clear day, especially knowing there was a chance of showers in the forecast. Remember, flex that plan! It all worked out though.

So, Empire is really close to the Church of the Holy Innocents, where a special Shrine dedicated to the unborn is located. It was our plan to attend Mass there at 12:15. However, we didn't plan on getting through Empire so early - 10:15am. So, we spent some time in the church praying. We remembered and prayed for the intentions of many friends who have suffered pregnancy loss.

The Church is located right on the edge of the garment district. Which meant ... an impromptu walk to none other than ... Mood fabrics. Oh yes. But only for a very short time because I tell you, teens and husbands do not like to wait around while you ogle over fabric.

Our afternoon plan was to have a quick lunch and then head to the MET. And oh. Be still my heart. It was absolutely ABSOLUTELY wonderful. Just delightful. We spent most of the afternoon there viewing our favourites from the European masters. I took lots of pictures. The Met is huge. You can't view every single thing so you have to pick and choose. 

Because I took so many pictures to capture the moments of what we saw, I'm going to create a separate post for the art-lovers in the crowd to check out, and link it here. Stay tuned for that.

Drunk on art:

By this time of day, 3pm-ish, we are all spent. We've done a ton of walking and sight-seeing all day. Its time to return and recharge back at the hotel.

So now its our last night in NYC, and the kids really really want to see Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. Tom and I kind of groan but hey, this trip is for them too. Teens like wax museums and since it free with our New York Pass, AND its open late into the evening, we go. There happens to be a big One Direction exhibit going on, and Brittany is particularly enthused. This ended up being a great family activity because it really is fun for everyone to see all the wax celebrities and have your picture taken with them :).

Brad and Angelina look kinda sad, don't you think?

But Tom and I - we look perky, huh?

Dawson's been working on a research project about Gandhi. Now his project can be complete.

JP II We Love You!!! Did you know his canonization date is set for Divine Mercy Sunday, 2014?

What a jam-packed day. After Tussaud's, we had to make a pitstop on Times Square for a bit of shopping, then grabbed a burger at "Counter." Yum. This is Times Square on a Monday night in October:

Tomorrow is our last morning in NYC, before heading to the airport for an early evening flight home. We're not quite sure what to do with our time; there are several options. To be honest though, we are all really exhausted and are looking forward to that little piece of country waiting for us. New York has been great in many ways, eye-opening in other ways. 

We will see what the morning brings :). See you then.

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