Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Totes and Boxies


Oh my poor little neglected blog.

Jane Market Bag in Linen and Cotton. Japanese X Quilt Block Pocket. 
The last time you heard from me I was heading out on vacation and well, then we were getting ready for our homeschooling year, then our homeschooling year began and it was slightly traumatic. As it always is. In a really good way.

Back side of Jane Market Bag. Its just random strips.

First and foremost though, I am a homeschooling mom and second I'm a home sewing enthusiast. Wait, what I mean to say is God first, then I'm a wife, then I'm a mom who also homeschools and THEN I'm a home sewing enthusiast. But I only seem to like posting about the sewing. Anyhoo ... that's the roundabout reason why I haven't blogged too much, the homeschooling has taken priority now that September has arrived.


This bag has "tucks" sewn on the four sides and around the bottom, so it keeps its shape quite nicely! I used a triple-stitch on the topstitching. I feel like it needs a French Baguette.

Added a pocket from an extra quilt block.

I'm beyond excited because next week I'm heading to Sewing Summit. Oh yeah! Part of the Summit experience is to sew like mad before going so that you can travel using some handmade lovelies, AND participate in a secret swap. Both are optional but very fun. Last year we made zip pouches. This year, we could make a mini-quilt, pouch/zippy, or tote bag.  Each person posted an "inspiration collage" on Flickr to highlight their style, colour preferences, etc. We know who we are making for, but not who is making for us. Here is what I've made for my partner:

Boxie Pouch - free tutorial at So Chick.

And the back side. Pretty simple lines.
So there you have it, a little peek at my latest projects. I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE sewing the Jane Market bag, and there are a zillion versions on Flickr which provide great inspiration. I'm planning to make more. 

I did modify the pattern slightly and just so I don't forget when I make this again, here's what I did differently:

  • added an extra couple inches to each handle
  • interfaced the handles
  • enclosed them in the upper seam rather than attaching them to the outside
  • added an inner pocket
  • interfaced the exterior AND the lining with Shapeflex
  • sewed a tuck around the bottom perimeter in addition to the four sides

That's all for now dear sewing friends. I'll be back to link up to needle and thREAD a bit later :).

... And here's our lovely link to this week's needle and thread.



  1. Oh I love the colors! Very refreshing and 'pops' very well. Very nice!

  2. Oh Girl ~ school is keeping me hopping this year. Even though I so smartly built sewing time into my schedule, I haven't managed to sew :-( (My girls, however dumped a bunch of scraps on the table this morning and decided to sew. Lexi (4) asked if I could help her make a quilt like the one I'm making Dad. you know, with the paper. Um. NO.)

    Your bags are great! How fun that you get to go to the sewing summit :-)

  3. I love the bags. I dearly love to read about your sewing endeavors. You are so talented. Homeschooling has been keeping me really busy this year and haven't gotten much sewing or blogging done.

    1. Aww thanks! And I dearly love reading about YOUR endeavors too! Maybe we will have to do a little swap sometimes :)


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