Friday, July 19, 2013

Blessing Others with your Sewing Talents


I'm at my parents' farm this week with the kids having a wonderful time. My mom's cousin was here last week and they had a huge sewing bee, the two of them, making placemats and knitting dolls and cooking quinoa. I had *hoped* to join them last week but things didn't quite work out. In any event, Mom and I both love to sew and of course within a day of arriving we were both placing fabric orders on! I love that we share this obsessive hobby.

My mother is a fabulous seamstress and has blessed others with her talents all her life.  Elizabeth has been making headbands from her scrap-fabric-stash and blesses all little girls who visit her home with them. I thought it was time I did something similar and decided to make something for my mom while I'm here visiting.

Mom has always admired my Amy Butler Barcelona skirt, which I wear all the time and absolutely adore ... and she had some lovely Amy Butler fabric just sittin' around calling our name ... so out came the machine for a couple of hours. 

I asked her to pose but she's laughing her head off! Anyway, this is the simple A-line version of the Barcelona, and not the tiered frayed-edge version though maybe we will try that one next. 

I love how it turned out for her. She says its fit to wear in public. So that was a compliment :).

Speaking of A-line skirts, have any of you been following the Great Online Sewing Match (based on the Great British Sewing Bee - check it out on Youtube) organized by Sewmamasew? The round-one challenge was to draft, design and sew an A-line skirt,  based on a Craftsy class by Deborah Moebes. I took the class and I have to say, it was really excellent and inspiring! Got to give it a go! And not only that, the round two challenge is to sew the Roller Skate Dress by Oliver + S. Check out Sewmamasew for a discount code on the pattern.

So much fun stuff to think about, I can't say I was reading much this week at all. Heading back home tomorrow though, where I'll be greeted by a lonely husband and a box of fabric. Maybe a glass of wine. Can't think of a better combination, can you?

Please stop by Elizabeth's to check out her headbands, and see what the rest of the gang are sewing and reading this week. 

God bless and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wonderful!! I love it! And I love that you can share this with your mom ~ so sweet :-)

    I signed up for the class, too! I wasn't going to, but for $10, I figured I'd be foolish NOT to, ya know? Now, to carve out time to watch the lessons...

  2. p.s. I'd love to know what brand her t-shirt is (And where she got it if the brand doesn't give it away ;-) It has a fabulous neckline and it looks like it's got a touch of lycra, which I prefer, but have had difficulty finding (not that I've spent all that much time shopping....) Thanks!

    1. Tracy, COSTCO, and yes it does have lycra!! We don't know the brand because she removed the tag :(

    2. Well, pooh. No Costco around these parts; I live in Walmart country...


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