Thursday, March 07, 2013

The CUTEST Dufflebag EVER - Butterick 5581 with needle and thREAD

Burning the midnight oil and listening to Dracula on Craftlit as I type (do you know about Craftlit? It is so cool!!) Just finished up this little dufflebag for Alexa. Going to bed now. Though by the time you read this I'll be up. I hope. Check back later for better pictures and review/tips for sewing Butterick Waverly 5581. 

Rock on, sewing friends.

I just felt like saying that.  I don't know why.  It's late?


Popping back to add a couple more pics and link up with Elizabeth :). Back later (at some point) for full review! 


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    1. That is absolutely the cutest dufflebag ever. Alexa must be thrilled, lucky girl!!! (I deleted by my last comment by accident, sorry)

    2. Thanks so much!! She has big plans for taking it everywhere she goes!

  2. Oh, my, goodness! What a beautiful bag! I want one of those too!!!


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