Thursday, February 14, 2013

Oliver and S Family Reunion Dress - the Blouse Edition

Happy Valentine's Day ... and Second Day of Lent .... this is going to be a sewing quickie. Yup. 

May I introduce to you Kate's new Oliver and S Family Reunion Dress - in the blouse version?

Kate turned two before Christmas, I made this in a size 3. Its definitely roomy but I like it that way. Room to grow. The neck is not too gaping so that's good.  The pattern is straightforward enough, but take your time. Its not an instant sew. I found an old sew-along at Lola Pink Fabrics blog  that I referred to, but it was really a reprint of the pattern instructions more than anything else. Still, good visuals and nice to go through with them step by step.

I added a piping along the neck facing, just to tie in with the contrast ruffle.  Easy and glad I did.  If you're interested in making your own, head over to Make It - Love It for instructions and lots of examples. Even if you didn't have cording, you can make your own faux piping trim. 

What I love about this pattern is the pintucks, can you see them? Such a sweet detail. Pintucks on the front and back. 

The back is a button closure - haven't installed those quite yet.  I think I may use snaps. One piece of advise I read was you could "sew" the back seam closed but leave room for a button or snap at the top, enough room to fit a head through. Actually, Kate's head fits through even if the entire back seam were sewn.

I made this blouse as a trial version, with fabric that is about ten years old. Miraculously I also had a contrast piece that went well, for the piping and ruffle. My other girlies love it and I think we're all systems go for dresses for all three! I'm hoping to pick up some voile - because you know quilting fabric is lovely and all but its a tighter weave and made so that it doesn't soften up even after multiple washings. Its always a bit stiff. And this pattern would be so comfy in a softer fabric I think. Luckily, more and more fabric manufacturers are catching onto this and are giving us more options. Westminster Fabrics are releasing a bunch of Amy Butler fabrics in a variety of fabric types - voiles, sateens, home dec, etc. 

And, speaking of Amy Butler, my mom sent me a couple of photos of a project she's been working on - the Pleated Clutch from Amy's book Style Stitches.  I love it and here's a peek!

Did I mention my momma is 74 years old? I love her color selection, with the orange popping out of the gray. Mom added straps to this version - good decision. Hope I'm still sewing Amy Butler when I'm in my 70s. Mom had six kids and as she said to me, "Well, I have time now to sew!" 

Here's a peek at the inside - punchy orange.  Love.

Reading this week? Dabbling here and there ... Downloaded several samples to my handy dandy kindle but that's about all.  Too busy eating up all the goodies before Lent!

Enjoy your day and see you all soon!

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