Sunday, October 28, 2012

Young Explorers - Sneek Peek at the Week Ahead

Been doing a little hot-gluing lately.
Canadian Tire loves me, I think I purchased all of their practice golf balls, table-tennis balls and perforated balls. Oh dear.

Living Math for this upcoming block is REALLY ROCKIN' and ROLLIN'. So to speak.  Can you take a guess what we will be exploring? You'll have to check back late Tuesday, after class, for the full disclosure, but I will tell you it involves a very famous ancient Greek who we all know and love :).  Sure, he's most famous for a certain theorem regarding squares and hypotenuses and angles, even though he wasn't actually the first to discover it.  But this particular Greecian and his followers also discovered some other cool ideas that will really make sense to this age group. And we are going to play, play, play with those ideas.

And that's the whole premise behind Living Math - ideas that you can actually delight in and have fun with. Ideas that will inspire and ignite curiosity.

Stay tuned!!

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