Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Young Explorers Living Science - Block 1

Good morning everyone!

Just a quick note to let you know about the Block 1 plan for Young Explorers Living Science segment - the kids are going to love it! And that's the whole point at this age, right? It won't matter if they don't fully understand scientific concepts like "all things in motion stay in motion unless acted upon." But, they will remember whether science was engaging and fun or boring and hum-drum or whether it occurred at all; and if they feel excited about science as a kid, chances are they will be willing to do the hard work later on, such as in high school/college, etc.

We're going to become a bit more acquainted with Newton. That means experiments in things like force, gravity, friction, motion ... physics of all sorts! We'll learn a bit about who Newton was, but then we'll get right to work, using www.sciencelearningspace.com study units as a loose spine.

Can't wait to see the kids build a giant roller-coaster made out of foam pipe insulation!

Looking forward to bringing out our inner engineer by building cities out of wood blocks, straws, clay and index cards, then testing out the forces of weather and lego minifigures. How will the arch stand up? Will the paper-pleat design withstand an earthquake? Will any of us survive the famous barrel roof? Hmmm ...

Which soup will win, the chicken or the clam? I'm not kidding with this question, we are going to test it.

I may throw in some pop rockets for fun. Might need safety glasses :). I'll let you know.

One other hint if you're joining us. Quite often, and I know you've experienced this yourself as a homeschooling parent, an exposure to something will get your child all excited. And he will want to go a bit deeper. There will be a little spark of interest and inspiration. THAT is the time to pounce!!! THAT is the time to pull out the library books you just happened to pick up, related to the spark of interest. Or to take a run to the dollar store to grab some supplies for your child's "what would happen if?" moment. So, you may want to mark on your September calendar to scout out some fun library books on topics such as Newton, roller-coasters, bridges, famous structures around the world, how to earthquake-proof a building, earthquakes, famous barrel roofs or barrel roof design, buildings and forces of nature, etc.

Strew them around the house and watch the learning come alive!  

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