Thursday, July 12, 2012

Reversible bucket hat from Oliver and S

Crafting along with Elizabeth this morning at needle and thREAD.

So, summer has finally hit in full force and the weather is hot hot hot!  Its time for hats! This week I decided to try a hat, using the free hat pattern over at Oliver and S.  Elizabeth has sewn several girls patterns by Oliver and S which inspired me to check out their website, and I love free patterns!

The hat is reversible. Love that. One hat, two looks. This is the size for age 6-8; my daughter just turned 6.  

The patterns suggests doing several rows of topstitching to give the brim more stability and I really like that effect. It also calls for sew-in interfacing for the brim - I didn't have any so I used drapery lining - this is a stiffer lining and it worked wonderfully.  Don't be afraid to improvise - it just needs something to stiffen the layers.  If you only had lightweight interfacing, I would use two layers. Or, just use an extra layer of fabric. Improvise!

The hat is relatively easy to sew. There are 3 pieces - the crown, the side, and the brim - for each of the two fabrics. Take your time going around the curves.  When it says to clip, clip in as deep as you can without going into the seamline. The pattern instructions are clear and easy to follow.  You could add some funky details too, if you like, such as a pocket or patch. 

The hat also fits my 3 yr old. However, when I make it again for the other girls, I'm going to widen the brim and deepen the side for a better fit.  Neither girls feel the hat really fits them well, even though it looks fine here.  It would blow off in a second if there was a little wind.

As for reading, I'm still plugging away with Talking Back to Facebook by James Steyer (Common Sense Media).  We are reading this aloud to the older kids (ages 12 and 14) and having lots of discussion along the way - this book is EXCELLENT - it deserves a post on its own. At this time we have no intention of giving the kids facebook accounts; but I think simply reading and discussing this book is a good start to the process - becoming aware of the issues and pitfalls, etc.  Download this book to your handy dandy kindle!

Enjoy the rest of your week. My sewing girlfriends and I are having another retreat this weekend - join us in spirit??

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  1. That book sounds fabulous. I'm downloading now. Wish I could have a sewing retreat...
    And I love the hat:-)


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