Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sewsensible Scoop Neck Dress Top - CUTE!!

Love. Sewing.
Keeps me up late ... but keeps me sane too.

This week, linking up to Elizabeth for needle and thREAD, I'm sharing some very sweet dresses designed by Aimee' over at Sewsensible.  These particular dresses, one for Maria and one for Kate, are from the pattern Scoop Neck Dress Top.  They were very easy to sew, and Aimee's patterns are designed with the beginner in mind.  I like that alot!  I think one of the next dresses I may attempt is the Simple Sunday Dress - check it out - it looks lovely, doesn't it?

There are 4 different amy butler fabrics in this dress.  Three of them actually coordinate.  The fourth fabric in the strap and flower, with totally different colors (purple, white and a different green), makes the dress pop. I love to add an oddball fabric (in small doses :)!

A little ric-rac never hurt anyone, I say!

Kate's is in a different amy butler colorway.  But again with the oddball fabric strap and flower to pop the dress, and giant ric-rac in an oddball green.  Somehow though, it works! And while I am drawn to these darkish colors myself, it needed some purple and brightness to make it work for a child.

In other sewing news this week, I did some experimenting and made something for me.  I bought some slippery drapey fabric at JoAnn while in Arizona, and it begged for a drapey-hide-the-reality-of-older-and-lumpier kind of a top.  I see these tops everywhere. Here's what I came up with:

Reading this week. Still picking away at Fatherless by Brian Gail and totally engrossed.  Also, based on Elizabeth's recommendation for Grace Livingston, and with a stack of her novels currently available free on Kindle, I downloaded all the freebies.  Which one to start with? I don't know her work at all.  Thoughts?

happy sewing
happy reading
God bless your day!


  1. Both the dress and top look great! I really like the "wilder" fabrics.

  2. Great projects! Well done!


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