Friday, April 27, 2012

"I command you:

 ... be strong and steadfast! Do not fear nor be dismayed, for the Lord, your God,
 is with you wherever you go."
Joshua 1:9 

Other translations use 'courageous' in place of 'steadfast.'  And this is all about courage.

Can I tell you a story? About my young adult daughter (remember, we aren't calling them teens anymore!)?  She displayed tremendous courage.  She took a risk.  She went out on a limb.  'Cause that's where the fruit is right? (Jimmy Carter)

She is not overly ... athletic.  She swims very well, she skates, but overall she is more the arts/drama/music kinda girl.  For whatever reason, at the age of 14 and on the last day for soccer registration, she decided she wanted to go. for. it.  I get that boys need to test their physical limits as they approach manhood; that they need the rough and tumble wrestling with their dads.  But you know what?  I wonder if girls need some of that too.  I wonder if there was something inside her that needed to know how she would do.  Something inside her that needed to know what it would be like to play on a team. At this age in her life. As a homeschooled girl.

She emailed back and forth with soccer clubs.  She was upfront with the fact that she had no experience.  She was asked to come to a practice so the coach could ... take a look ...

We bought cleats and shin pads and socks and balls ... dug out white T and black shorts.

And for almost two hours, I watched my beautiful 14-yr-old young adult daughter play and drill and kick and run with a group of Under 16 girls who have been doing this for several years.  

And she did not cry ...

She did not cry!!  

She did not cry when the coach said she wasn't going to work out for this team, but that he'd send her over to another coach.  Au contraire!  She walked off that field with a big smile, glowing cheeks and feeling on top of the world!  Isn't this the kind of mountain-top moment we want our kids to experience, even on a regular basis?  It takes courage to take a risk, but the result is more courage! Excitement! Confidence!  

This I want: to inspire my children to go for it, to dance, to reach and stretch themselves, to have a willingness to try.  For if they can do that even in the small things, like a silly soccer practice, what limits have they when it comes to fulfilling their mission and God's plan for their life?  

so proud of you baby!


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