Thursday, October 13, 2011

Your homeschool, Your way

My homeschooling friend has been away all summer, like out of the country away.  She told me it was a good opportunity to reflect about her homeschool without the influence of her circle of homeschooling friends.  Because lets face it, we are so easily influenced by how someone else is doing it.  After all, how she does it sounds very good!   Or maybe she is doing something you never really planned on doing, but hearing her talk about it makes you think you should be doing it!!  Or, maybe she's actually telling you you need to do it a particular way.

Friends, do it your own way.  Sure, we are all trying to figure it out.  Its always very interesting to look at someone else's schedule or daily grind, because often we are inspired.  We try new curriculum or a new approach, and homeschooling in Canada is wonderful that way because we generally have the complete freedom to do so.  But in the end, how it looks in your house will not be how it looks in mine, and that's great!  I always knew that; from the beginning I was told that, but only into this my seventh year am I really starting to understand and be totally okay with that.

Its such a blessing to have mentors - seasoned home-educators who have gained a lot of wisdom through their trial and error over the years.  If you are a new homeschooler, seek out these people!!  I thank God daily for having someone to look to when I need an encouraging hand or practical advise; someone to be a lifeline!  But at some point, you have to give yourself permission to walk the tightrope and do it your own way.  Trust me, your mentor won't mind one bit!! Or at least will get over it eventually!  Its okay to have a differing opinion on curriculum!  Its okay if you want to do workbooks for EVERY subject while your friend is unschooling!  Homeschooling is one of the areas where relativism isn't a bad thing!

For everything there is a season, and the same is true for your children's education.  They go through different seasons ...  the point is our children are fluid beings and our approach to their education must also be fluid.  It will look a little different or even a lot different each year.  This is your family and you are truly the expert.  Believe it.

May the Lord bless you and your homeschool!

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