Wednesday, October 05, 2011

It's Midnight!

Its midnight. I should be in bed.
But I'm not.  The house is peaceful, the kids are fast asleep, and I'm reflecting on my day.  Its my sanity time.  I sacrifice a little bit of sleep for a chance to unwind and ponder all the things I'd love to do if I had extra time. Make plans. Daydream. Imagine. Reflect again.

Early tomorrow morning my husband will leave for work.  His mucking about will wake up the baby who will call out from the playpen in the back corner of our bedroom, and I'll bring her into bed to nurse.  And somewhere around the same time I'll hear the voices of A (5) and M (almost 3); the sweet sound of sisters playing babies in their bunk bed, giggling and laughing.  Or not.  They might wake up fighting and yelling, one will invariably start crying, baby K will pop her head up and look at the door in anticipation of the crisis about to emerge.  In a short time, the two olders, B (14) and D (12), will drag themselves sleepily upstairs.  And another crazy, wonderful, awful, joyful day will begin again.

I've been wanting to blog for ages, and finally here I am. I want to blog so that I don't forget all the crazy moments in this wonderful journey of motherhood and home education.  I want to blog so that I'll make an effort to look for the good things in our day to post!  And finally, I want to blog to share with all my family and friends a little piece of me, my family, and how we attempt to live out our beautiful Catholic faith.  All in pursuit of sanctity!!

Welcome to my blog!

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