Sunday, December 29, 2013

On the Feast of the Holy Family

Happy Feast day and Happy 5th Day of Christmas!

We are back home from a wonderful week away, spent at my parents' house and surrounded with all but one of my five siblings and their families. What a whirlwind! What a celebration! So fun! I am so glad to be from a large family, it feels full and rich and blessed when we all get together. And, it reaffirms our faith that God's intention for couples to be open to life IS a very good intention, even among the messiness and ups and downs of family life. Relationships and communion with others is what life is all about, after all, and that boils down to one word. Love.

And though we are back home we are still full swing in the true Christmastide season. Some people want to put away Christmas the day after and they are missing out on the meaning entirely. No time to truly reflect in the mystery and gift of baby Jesus after all the stresses and hubbub leading up to Christmas Day. I suppose with Christmas being shoved down our throats in the stores since October, its easy to get caught up in that and then be tired of it when the true Christmas season actually begins. Now is the time to celebrate the baby Jesus. Its our babymoon time!!

On our drive back home yesterday, we were talking about the upcoming New Year and resolutions and things like that. We thought it might be fun to have a theme or word to define an area of focus for 2014 for each of us, and that's when it hit me: Our family should have a word or theme.  The kids are welcome to each choose a word (reach, stretch, courage, kindness are all possibilities), but what came to my mind was The Holy Family. That should be our theme. Striving to be a Holy Family modelled after the Holy Family.

So it was appropriate that the Feast of the Holy Family happened today, and the readings from today's Mass clearly define what we are to aim for.  Goodness knows we fall so short! But I'm looking forward to it, and I'm so excited for the possibilities! What, exactly, that will look like on a day to day basis I'm not sure, but I do know that God will surely lead the way if we are open to His call.



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  1. May God grant you an abundance of grace as the whole family grows in a intimate relationship with Jesus and His Holy Mother, St. Joseph and all the saints in heaven. In falling short and turning always to our True Love, He guides us to become saints ourselves, living examples of holiness for others to follow. Never cease to strive for that goal. God be with you. Happy Feast and Merry Christmas.


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