Monday, April 22, 2013[sew].

Got home in the middle of the night Saturday after a long road trip from Salt Lake City. Right now, I'm up to my eyeballs in unpacking and reorganizing. The house was clean when we left, but in the blink of an eye, well you get the idea. I'm glad to be home but I will miss the hot weather. Really miss it. I'm ready to get back into a new rhythm though, and make some clean starts. Signed up for an online meal-planning service so that should be interesting. I'm pretty good about getting meals on the table and planning things out, but I just need an injection of fresh energy in this area. So much of same old same old, ya know? I'll let you know how it goes. 

After finishing Uncle Tom's Cabin this weekend, I feel like my faith has received a boost. Inspiration. Because Uncle Tom? That's how I want to be. His faith was simple and sincere. So sincere. He was so humble. I'm not. He was so trusting in the mercy of God and so willing to die for the sake of a soul. I don't find that easy. He accepted and embraced his cross. He didn't fear it at all. That's what I want. No fear.

Oh my oh my oh my. I received such a volume of inspiration poured into my homeschool bucket. But it was bittersweet. I'm sure I'll laugh about this eventually. Well, you all know I was going to hear Oliver DeMille this weekend and the 9th key. We were on our way home from Phoenix. Tom and I had an agreement that I would attend the formal part of the seminar which was 9:30-12:30pm, but then we had to get on the road. We also wanted to avoid projected bad weather over the mountains. I was ok with that. He was scheduled to reveal the 9th key at 11:30am and talk about it for an hour.

I shivered slightly when, at the very beginning of the seminar, his wife Rachel welcomed us and said we probably wouldn't be following the agenda exactly. That her husband was 'on fire' this week and if he got on a good tangent he was going with it. Okay ....

Oliver began by asking us why we came to the seminar. Why are you here today? Lots of people gave an answer.  

I said, "The 9th Key!" He joked with me and said he could just tell me it and I could go home. Ha ha ha. You get where I'm going with this, right?

Well, Oliver talked. He talked and inspired us and gave us new energy and excitement for our vocation! He was on fire, and I have a couple hours worth of notes I can't wait to share with my friends!! He is a phenomenal speaker. I mean that! He knows his stuff, he's passionate about it, he's funny, he's engaging.

But the clock ticked on and no 9th key. I texted Tom telling him to take his time coming to pick me up. I bargained for a few extra minutes and got 15. 

Sad news. I had to leave before he made the big reveal. Yep, that's right, I still don't know the 9th key. 

It was a quiet trip home, mostly.

That dang 9th key.

Yay, its Kids Clothes Week Sewing Challenge! The challenge is to commit to sewing kids clothes one hour a day, for a week. I'm in! Up later today/tonight will be a knit bubble skirt, I think, for Katie. Or maybe a summer top. One of the two I think. I'm trying to be purposeful and sew what they will need and wear for the upcoming season. Anyone joining me? 

All for now dear friends. God bless your week!

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