Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pink Fig Notting Hill Skirt - LOVE!!

Good morning everyone!  We're sewing along with Elizabeth's needle and thREAD this morning,  and skirts are abounding at my house.  Showing today is the Notting Hill skirt from Pink Fig.

At our sewing retreat Friday night, I tackled these two skirts. One for Alexa (size 6), and one for Kate (size 12 months). 

I like a little bit of dark fabric at the bottom of these juicy skirts!

Most of the fabric is from Amy Butler; a little bit from JoAnn.

The pattern cover. There are options to add lots of lace, ribbon, buttons or any other decorative embellishment you like!  This was a super-easy skirt to sew.  Its all rectangle strips.

Perfect to play in!

Lots of room around the bottom for moving around! I'm glad I made the 12 month size, even though Kate is over 18 months.

Alexa is a skirt girl and she is all about the ruffles and gathers.

And on to the reading, which I actually accomplished this week!!  I am digging into a fascinating, must read book if you have any interest in social media and the potential impact on your kids:

I heard about Talking Back to Facebook by James Steyer on my favorite radio show, The Catholics Next Door.  Greg and Jennifer interviewed James Steyer yesterday.   James Steyer is the director of Common Sense Media, a website where I often turn to for movie reviews, etc. and maybe you do too? Their mission is to be an independent voice kids and families need in order to thrive in our techno world.

Downloaded the book to my handy dandy kindle and we are reading it aloud to my older kids in the evenings. Already, our family is discussing the issues, which relate to three main things: relationships, addiction/attention, and privacy (the RAP, as Steyer calls it). I am not on Facebook - I recognized early on that it would suck up my precious time because I would always be tempted to be in that loop - but I feel it is a reality of our virtual world, here to stay, and I know my kids will one day have to navigate it as young adults. This book will help.

Enjoy your week, I'm going camping!!

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  1. Those skirts are so charming! I just love the bright colors! Nicely done!

    And the book, the book. I do not "do" facebook. But I am seeing the need to get on board, responsibly, because my son is 11, and before we know it, he's going to want to be part of it, and we need to know how to guide him. Going to see if the library has this book. Thanks for mentioning it.


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