Friday, April 20, 2012

Of vocations and passions ...

I purchased a lot of fabric while in Arizona.  And the whole drive home I was so excited to get to work and make stuff.  I was pondering how the idea of getting home to sew was exciting to me and made my heart pitter patter.  Does anyone relate to this?  Got me thinking about my passion for it, and of course its no wonder.  God is a Creator, and we are made in His image and likeness!  Then I wondered if my passions were in the right order. Observe with tongue in cheek.

My main vocations in order of importance (following our prime reason for being; to know, love and serve our God):

creative expression (eg sewing, knitting, crafting, home dec, etc)  And yes, though not a vocation in the traditional sense, I do feel a strong calling here 'to create'. Vocation - voco - latin for 'I call.'

And here are my passions, from what I am most passionate about to least.  But remember, they are all passions, so even the bottom of the list is good:

creative expression (eg sewing, knitting, crafting, home dec, etc)

Notice the inverse relationship?

Its not that I do not take my marriage seriously.  I most certainly do, and its at the top of the vocation list for a reason.  How blessed I am to have a partner in life while many others sit lonely.   But I can't say I  surf the net for new and inspiring ways to bless my marriage.  Should I be?  I can't say that I see a million blogs written by married women all solely about ... marriage.  Are there any?  What would that kind of blog look like?  I should check ...

And its not that I do not enjoy motherhood.  I love it immensely and passionately!!  I do feel my creative abilities are put more to the test in this area for sure.

But .... I can pour hours and hours over homeschooling books. I can sit and make plans and come up with ideas to meet the learning needs of the kids.  I can get together with my homeschooling friends and we have endless conversations about things as miniscule as spelling programs.  I absolutely love homeschooling and maybe its because it involves, no, demands creativity and relies on inspiration.

And then ... my interest in and passion for creativity with textiles tops the chart and I know many women feel the same way ... I can spend forever in a fabric store, perusing patterns and cloth, dreaming and imagining what I could craft.  Or a yarn shop. Or I could spend an evening cutting and glueing and adorning a single scrapbook page till I get it just right.  Long into the night could I stay up sewing, all the while *thinking* how lovely its going to be when its done.  Design. Create.

I can get so inspired, and inspiration fulfilled is so deeply satisfying.  (Which reminds me how important it is to work hard to inspire your children.  See how that passion for homeschooling just took over?)

But. If I had to choose, creative expression would go.  If I had to choose again, cut the homeschooling.  Choose again?  Motherhood, because motherhood without marriage would not be a path I would willingly undertake.  Marriage remains!

This is what I have been pondering tonight, as I prewash many meters of girly fabric and cut and sew a dress for Kate.  As I prepare for my homeschooling facilitator visit in the morning. As I tuck my littles in with their stuffies and blankets and magic bags. As I listen to my husband's goings-on in the job front, glass of Baileys-on-ice in hand.

What are your primary vocations? Your passions?  Is there a relationship?

I just googled marriage blogs!  And there are A KAZILLION!  Who knew??? Who. Knew.  

Have a lovely weekend.

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